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Boat rental in the port of Ibiza

One of the best things you can do around the port is to go for a walk.Not only to see the city, but rather to see the fauna that gathers on the island in summer. Observe people in Ibiza, with the massive influx there. You can find gogos, transvestites, crazy people, clowns, modernillos, punks, heavys, grandmothers with typical costume. I assure you that sitting for a while watching the people passing by the harbor promenade is really fascinating.

A beautiful port, especially at night. With the lighting of the boats and the lights that adorn the entire walk, the port seems the perfect place to take a good night walk with friends, as a couple or as a family.

Beautiful views, everything is surrounded by restaurants and tourists. There are also jewelery stalls and various souvenirs … 
If you visit the city is a must stop. The walk through it is essential

Get lost among the alleys of locals, climb the wall through the main door and travel through it. It is recommended to visit it during the day to observe the views and then at night to have a drink.

Ibiza has its charm, but in the port, everything happens. City to live the summer. Full of experiences, people, cultures, languages ​​… 
Mediterranean white island, says it all.

People from all places intermingle, browsing the hippy stalls, drinking drinks on the terraces where you enjoy a show that looks like a theater. 
Unique, there is nothing like the port of Ibiza. During the day, the best landscape with shops everywhere where you can find memories of your trip, and during the night, the show in person, shows and fun every day. It was amazing my stay there and the nights at the harbor.
In summer with its yachts it is an amazing place. Its narrow and ancient streets give it its magical and special touch. It is the contrast of the modern with the old. Check the best opportunities for boat rental in Ibiza, here

Nautical jacket

Sailing is not just a matter of sweating fighting the wind while you’re at the helm, that image is very attractive in movies, but the truth is that sailing is first and foremost a fun experience. It is also about having a good time and for that reason, to have a good time nothing better than to look good. If you want to acquire a garment that makes you feel and look the best on board the deck and even when getting off the boat, take a look at the Nautical Jackets offered by barcos.

The models of Nautical Jacket XM unisex with collar and chin guard in fleece, will serve you not only to look the best on deck, when going down, to hang out at night in some local place, these jackets dress so Well you can wear them and no doubt many will find the garment attractive (and who wears it, of course).

From the practical point of view, the use of jackets when sailing, responds more to the need to keep warm at certain times or when passing through certain conditions, as well as protecting the body from friction with various objects on board, for both This Global Nautical jacket is also excellent.

This interesting model of nautical garment incorporates neoprene cuffs. The elbow pads are articulated for greater comfort. With two front pockets with zipper and an inside pocket that also has zipper in plastic. It has 3 pins to fix the inflatable vest.Made with polyamide and waterproof cover. It not only protects you, it is comfortable and is designed to give you maximum comfort when using it.

Cable tensioners for boats

When taking into account the basis of function and complexity with which a component of a marine vehicle is based, we must know that the spare parts must always be at the hand of the owner of these elements, so that we know of the companies that Trend in the industry is currently a necessity. That is why, below, we will present the organization that has given to speak now in this industry, in addition to the quality of their products.

Operating components of boat tensioners
The tensioners Cable boats are an element that defines the way a ship can have their tools to work properly, releasing pressure and using it in their favor to keep a balance and balance components in this machinery has conjugates. Of course, like any marine device, it is an object that must maintain a level of regular maintenance, due to safety factors and standard regulatory functions.

Now, having this clear, there are often many questions by boat owners, sailboats, etc. about How and where to get these products at an affordable price and quickly? Well, in the whole world and in the industry of articles for boats, there are shops and organizations that have a specific market for these components, and one of these members is , a store and organization that has remained as an example of the effort and first quality care for more than 10 years of work, with which they have extended their services to countries such as Spain and Portugal, offering online services aimed at users and private consumers.

For many traders and buyers, the quality and durability of these maritime components are of high integral value, especially because it is an object that goes through many tests to prove its integrity and operation with all the tools that are necessary.

Based on this the Nautical Online Store , web platform of the aforementioned organization, offers an extensive and varied catalog about all these spare parts and high quality products, with accessible prices for any user interested in improving the integrity of his ship, and that with the functionality and particularity in the attention that is had to the clients, it is of quite help and support for beginners in this trade. For more information about their products, prices and descriptions visit their official website.

[:es]Veleta Windex 23[:]


Los barcos veleros tienen la necesidad de orientarse con el viento para poder navegar. Por esa razón es siempre necesario contar con una veleta en la embarcación. Hay muchos tipos de veletas, cada una con una función y realiza para un diseño de barco en específico. Las mejores veletas las puedes encontrar en Barcos Online, al igual que todos los Accesorios Náuticos de Señalización que requieras para tu embarcación.

Qué es una veleta

Una veleta es un dispositivo giratorio que consta de una placa que gira libremente, un señalador que indica la dirección del viento y una cruz horizontal que indica los puntos cardinales. Se usan para mostrar la dirección del viento y así saber a dónde ir cuando se tiene un barco velero.

Para obtener una lectura precisa, la veleta debe estar localizada bien por arriba del suelo, alejada de edificios, árboles, y otros objetos que interfieran con la verdadera dirección del viento. En el caso de los barcos siempre se coloca en los mástiles más altos.

Características de Veleta Windex 23 – 584 mm

La Veleta Windex 23 – 584 mm está diseñada especialmente para fijarse en el mástil de la embarcación, de modo que se encuentre en un punto alto para descubrir la dirección del viento en una forma más precisa.

Está fabricada en plástico y metal, de esta forma tiene una duración mucho más larga y no se oxida con la exposición al salitre del mar. La banda reflectante situada en la punta de la veleta y el intenso color rojo de los indicadores de referencia aumentan su visibilidad durante la noche, cuando es más difícil para los navegantes seguir las indicaciones de la veleta. La veleta Windex incluye toda la tornillería de montaje de acero inoxidable para garantizar su duración.


The trip to Roques

The Alma Mía is moored in Caraballeda, city of the Venezuelan coast that is to 45 km. To the east of the airport Simon Bolivar.
In this city we are in the boat all that we are going to sail,
We settled down and began to prepare the navigation.
Los Roques is 150 km from Caraballeda, between 12 and 14 hours of navigation. As it is convenient to arrive at the archipelago by day, we leave at dusk and arrive in the morning. Those who prefer not to do this section by boat, can take a plane leaving the airport and in 30 minutes is in Los Roques. All the supplies that we are going to need during the crossing we buy them in Caraballeda to reduce expenses since in Los Roques it is all a little more expensive.

The navigation can be described as calm, the winds are Alisas of the Northeast and the course is Nornoroeste, most of the times we are left for a cross. It always happens in the first moments that nobody wants to lose anything and they stay up until late, then they attack the dream and they want to go to sleep, then it’s time to choose the helmsman, take the guard the one that is in the best conditions . Always the sailors are very supportive and someone accompanies the helmsman, lying on the opposite side of the boat, obviously the dream dominates him and a great feeling of guilty forces him to ask the helmsman every now and then: – are you well? Follow me ?, with a tone of I do not want to take the post, and the helmsman has been blinking for some time, but when we all agree that Los Roques pays the effort very well.
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The Mine in the Venezuelan Caribbean
This photo I took from the first cross of the Alma Mía and reflects the beauty of the landscape that I never imagined.
The personal and family effort to get with the Mine to the Caribbean was worth it.
I will stay sailing through these seas until I feel that the place is exhausted.
I want to share these landscapes with everyone who visits this blog and also invite them to sail in the Caribbean.
To date, a few friends have been touring the Los Roques archipelago.
In the month of April we will set sail to the west passing through the air, Santa Marta to Cartagena.