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Nautical jacket

Sailing is not just a matter of sweating fighting the wind while you’re at the helm, that image is very attractive in movies, but the truth is that sailing is first and foremost a fun experience. It is also about having a good time and for that reason, to have a good time nothing better than to look good. If you want to acquire a garment that makes you feel and look the best on board the deck and even when getting off the boat, take a look at the Nautical Jackets offered by barcos.

The models of Nautical Jacket XM unisex with collar and chin guard in fleece, will serve you not only to look the best on deck, when going down, to hang out at night in some local place, these jackets dress so Well you can wear them and no doubt many will find the garment attractive (and who wears it, of course).

From the practical point of view, the use of jackets when sailing, responds more to the need to keep warm at certain times or when passing through certain conditions, as well as protecting the body from friction with various objects on board, for both This Global Nautical jacket is also excellent.

This interesting model of nautical garment incorporates neoprene cuffs. The elbow pads are articulated for greater comfort. With two front pockets with zipper and an inside pocket that also has zipper in plastic. It has 3 pins to fix the inflatable vest.Made with polyamide and waterproof cover. It not only protects you, it is comfortable and is designed to give you maximum comfort when using it.

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