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5 types of anchors for all types of boats.

In order to prevent the wind from dragging the boat we must have a boat anchor, in Barcos.Online we offer you a set of models of anchor for boat, for all types of boat.
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Below, we describe the 5 types of nautical anchors that Barcos.onLine has for you.
Brittany Anchor
This is a boat anchor that has no articulation box, is flat and the nails are thin which allows a quick grip when the bottom is hard.
They are made of galvanized steel, which allows them a maximum duration. They have the 2kg, to be used in canoes or auxiliary boats. They also offer the 10 kg for lengths up to 7.5m.
Bruce anchor
This anchor boat, has good grip on sandy bottoms, if the sand is thicker better, sinks very well, aesthetically adapts well to the bow, provided it protrudes a little from the deck, this will prevent hull blows, and is also called anchor force.
This anchor is made of galvanized steel or stainless steel, which looks good on the bow.
Bruce or Force stainless steel anchors are offered in different types, including 50 Kg and 10 Kg. And galvanized anchors in different sizes from 50Kg. Anchor of 30kg. Up to 7.5 Kg.
Danforth anchor
The most used model in anchor for boat is the Danforth model, because it is light and its big nails are special for mud or sand tenederos. We must avoid to anchor while in march with this anchor for sailboat, because it will not arrive at depth.
There are several models available, this anchor sailboat, among them are the stainless steel Danforth type that is from 6Kg to anchor 20kg and the anchor Danforth type fire galvanized that comes with different weights from 2 kg. Up to 30kg anchor.
Delta anchor
This anchor ship of European manufacture is of very high quality, and demonstrate it by offering lifetime guarantee against any breakage, have a limit of elasticity of 420MPa and its quality certifies Lloyd´s register, is made of manganese steel and galvanized, has good sinking and adjustment to the bottom. It is available from 4kg. Up to 63 Kg.
Folding Anchor
This boat anchor is designed for small boats, is extremely practical and comfortable to store.
The folding grapples are made in Italy, are made of stainless steel and galvanized steel and are available in weights from 0.7 to 12 kg. They are used for gravel bottoms.
The garampin or rezón Rockfish is manufactured in galvanized steel, Its design is for the grip in rocks and its weight in inferior to 1.5kg. It is the perfect sailboat anchor.
Barcos.OnLine offers you the best nautical products, with guaranteed quality, thinking in the best for your boat.
Just place your order and for only 4€ they will send it to you, no matter what the weight. Contact us at [email protected] or WhatsApp +34 629 80 29 404 with pleasure we will attend you in the best shop in the nautical world.

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