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Boat rental in the port of Ibiza

One of the best things you can do around the port is to go for a walk.Not only to see the city, but rather to see the fauna that gathers on the island in summer. Observe people in Ibiza, with the massive influx there. You can find gogos, transvestites, crazy people, clowns, modernillos, punks, heavys, grandmothers with typical costume. I assure you that sitting for a while watching the people passing by the harbor promenade is really fascinating.

A beautiful port, especially at night. With the lighting of the boats and the lights that adorn the entire walk, the port seems the perfect place to take a good night walk with friends, as a couple or as a family.

Beautiful views, everything is surrounded by restaurants and tourists. There are also jewelery stalls and various souvenirs … 
If you visit the city is a must stop. The walk through it is essential

Get lost among the alleys of locals, climb the wall through the main door and travel through it. It is recommended to visit it during the day to observe the views and then at night to have a drink.

Ibiza has its charm, but in the port, everything happens. City to live the summer. Full of experiences, people, cultures, languages ​​… 
Mediterranean white island, says it all.

People from all places intermingle, browsing the hippy stalls, drinking drinks on the terraces where you enjoy a show that looks like a theater. 
Unique, there is nothing like the port of Ibiza. During the day, the best landscape with shops everywhere where you can find memories of your trip, and during the night, the show in person, shows and fun every day. It was amazing my stay there and the nights at the harbor.
In summer with its yachts it is an amazing place. Its narrow and ancient streets give it its magical and special touch. It is the contrast of the modern with the old. Check the best opportunities for boat rental in Ibiza, here

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