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The trip to Roques

The Alma Mía is moored in Caraballeda, city of the Venezuelan coast that is to 45 km. To the east of the airport Simon Bolivar.
In this city we are in the boat all that we are going to sail,
We settled down and began to prepare the navigation.
Los Roques is 150 km from Caraballeda, between 12 and 14 hours of navigation. As it is convenient to arrive at the archipelago by day, we leave at dusk and arrive in the morning. Those who prefer not to do this section by boat, can take a plane leaving the airport and in 30 minutes is in Los Roques. All the supplies that we are going to need during the crossing we buy them in Caraballeda to reduce expenses since in Los Roques it is all a little more expensive.

The navigation can be described as calm, the winds are Alisas of the Northeast and the course is Nornoroeste, most of the times we are left for a cross. It always happens in the first moments that nobody wants to lose anything and they stay up until late, then they attack the dream and they want to go to sleep, then it’s time to choose the helmsman, take the guard the one that is in the best conditions . Always the sailors are very supportive and someone accompanies the helmsman, lying on the opposite side of the boat, obviously the dream dominates him and a great feeling of guilty forces him to ask the helmsman every now and then: – are you well? Follow me ?, with a tone of I do not want to take the post, and the helmsman has been blinking for some time, but when we all agree that Los Roques pays the effort very well.
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The Mine in the Venezuelan Caribbean
This photo I took from the first cross of the Alma Mía and reflects the beauty of the landscape that I never imagined.
The personal and family effort to get with the Mine to the Caribbean was worth it.
I will stay sailing through these seas until I feel that the place is exhausted.
I want to share these landscapes with everyone who visits this blog and also invite them to sail in the Caribbean.
To date, a few friends have been touring the Los Roques archipelago.
In the month of April we will set sail to the west passing through the air, Santa Marta to Cartagena.

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